What is it and how does it work?

Real estate valuation is a process that determines the economic value of a real estate investment. Because real estate investment is not typically a short-term trade, analyzing the cash flow and subsequent rate of return is critical to making profitable investments and observation of the city cite and its market flow on both the long and short term.

Instant Valuation

Instant evaluation study is a study that is done in a short period of time, based on the location, area, condition, our correlations and personal experience.


•Request taken from customer
• Our own team which is responsible for the related district will study on the valuation report 
• Price range of ± 7%

Extended Valuation

In contrast to operational benefits of instant valuation, the extended valuation aims to obtain an in depth expert evaluation of the investments. In that sense, the extended valuation is pre investment action unlike instant valuation’s tracking role at the post investment era.


• Request taken from customer
• Initial overview will be completed by SAMFA PERSONNEL to get all required chapters finalized 
• Independent valuation report is prepared by regulatory approved company 
• After fully covered valuation report is attained the brief report will be prepared by SAMFA and presented to clients 
• Price Range ± 3%

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